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Photovoltaic inverter

The inverter is the heart of every solar power system: It converts the direct current of the solar modules into commercial alternating current and feeds it into the public electricity grid. At the same time, he controls and monitors the entire system.

Plan photovoltaic system

The expert planning and design of the system initially takes into account the conditions at the site when selecting and connecting the modules: roof pitch, possible shading and, of course, the alignment.

Energy Storage Systems

Intelligent energy storage enables homeowners to achieve a degree of autonomy of up to 80% with a low-maintenance, robust system with integrated energy management – regardless of whether it is day or night, sunshine or clouds.
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Whether you are a trading partner or an end customer, you will always find the right contact person for your photovoltaic projects. Ask us and be confident! You benefit from our many years of experience.

For today – and tomorrow! In the field of modules, inverters and storage systems, we work together with market-leading suppliers. Our strength lies in the turnkey planning and construction of solar systems for single-family homes and small businesses.

FlexTech is one of the leading manufacturers of renewable energy products, offering a wide range of solar products including solar panels, solar photovoltaic lighting, power generation systems and SPV Module for residential, institutional and commercial applications.

It is time for the human race to enter the solar system.

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