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Achieving more together! This terminology is often used, but here in this blog we can live it. The blog is intended to interest and give customers the opportunity to ask questions, to get honest non-commercial answers and not from us as a company alone, but publicly in the eyes of prospects and customers. We want to be open and free from commercial constraints, assemble systems, analyze the pros and cons of existing systems, develop new products and help anyone interested in developing or configuring their perfect solar & photovoltaic system or renewable energy system. Also here are building aids and bug fixes treated and explained. In this block, questions should be quickly and easily transformed into answers. Criticism for so long factual and in the context of blog etiquette are welcome. But even against praise we will not refuse us.
Now we wish you a lot of fun building a common customer-oriented (from customer to customer) blog on renewable energy solar, photovoltaic & wind. Applications, help configuration and installation!

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